I Have Too Many Clothes: 4 Ways To Resell Them

Too many clothes

I have too many clothes, said no lady ever. Do you have to wait till you no longer have storage for new clothes, or you keep repeating the same clothes because they are easily accessible to you than those that are now at the bottom of your closet before you realize you have excess pieces? The question is, ‘How many clothes can you wear within a period?’

Like I shared in the previous article, you really do not need that many clothes, all you need is a capsule wardrobe and you are good to go. This way, you are contributing to a clean environment.

4 Reasons You Do Not Need Too Many Clothes

1. You Save More

In as much as some of the outfits may be gifted, necessary to buy or PR packages, sometimes, we tend to see outfits we love on the racks and buy them, which puts more dent in our purses. The catch is that most of these outfits are shopped just out of excitement which tends to fade off quickly after the first wear.

So why not repurpose the old fit or restyle them and save yourself the extra cash.

2. You’d Be More Practical

So when you decide not to shop new clothes, it makes you more practical with restyling ideas and this can even fetch you extra money when you teach others how to repurpose their old clothes, either by restyling or remaking it into another design.

This would give you room to be more expressive about your style, and reduce the burden of continual shopping overshadowing your creativity.

3. Reducing Environmental Waste

The more clothes you dispose off, the more environmental waste you contribute to. Either you are burning which causes pollution, or excess landfills, you are increasing environmental waste.

It is important to learn the art of recycling old pieces and dispose off the right way before shopping for new clothes.

environmental waste

What Can I do With Too Many Clothes in my Closet

1. Donate to Charity
2. Thrift
3. Gift out
4. Repurpose it

Whenever you are shopping for clothes, always remember that one day, you’d get tired of this outfit, and ask yourself if it would still be good enough for any of the above.

This would help you to be conscious of your clothing choice and ensure you are shopping from sustainable brands which can guarantee top quality. Aside this, you need to ensure you are not just buying based on trends, because once the trend is passed, the clothing no longer have thrift value.

A girl with too many clothes

Too Many Clothes: How to Resell Them

Since we’ve established that you need to shop from sustainable brands so your clothes can have a good thrift value as you might not be able to get a great deal from a clothe that isn’t up to standard, then we can get to selling.

A number of buyer are available to shop but may shy away from shopping from you directly for a number of reasons. That is why Clozetsales is readily available to take the stress and worry off you.

All you need to do is:

1. Visit our website and request for your declutter kit.
2. Wait to receive it. While waiting, ensure you put the items together and separate those which are not good enough
3. Once you receive your declutter item, fill the form appropriately and have the items and form sent to us.
4. We would send you your Declutter account and link so you can also share with your contacts while you wait to receive your payment.

For more enquiry you can send us an email on You should also subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information from us.

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