How To Make Money from your Wardrobe

how to make money from your wardrobe

Have you ever considered how to make money from your wardrobe? Do you know this is a possibility? Many times, people shop not only because they love to shop but because they know it is possible to resell the items at a later time and make more money from it. People shop different ranges of items like bags, jewelries, shoes and clothing that have a good resale value. This is why it is very important to consider the option of reselling an item at the point of purchase, ‘Will this have a good resale value?

While buying may be impulsive, one shouldn’t shop just for the fun of it except if you really do not worry about making more bucks. Good quality and sustainable pieces should always be the core of one’s focus when shopping.

In this post, I will be teaching you on how to make more money from your wardrobe. First, we need to consider a few things before shopping.

  1. Buy sustainable brands
  2. Ensure you are buying original or quality pieces. One cannot buy a dupe Jacquard bag and attempt to resell it as the original.
  3. Use the pieces neatly. Nobody wants to shop a really worn-out piece no matter the brand or pricing. So, when using any item you have plans to resell at a later time, consider the next user before overusing it.
  4. If you can, keep the package. This is only applicable for items like shoes and bags, and it’s not necessary but if you can, it would even give it a great sales value when putting it out.

How to make Money from your Wardrobe

  1. Think of How to Sell Them

Sometimes, some people find it uncomfortable selling off their used pieces directly, mainly because they may not be taken seriously, potential buyers may be friends and families and would want to treat the transaction as such or they do not have the time to conduct such.

Hence, it is important to familiarize oneself with brands that helps take the stress off you. Brands like Clozetsales have an online presence where they declutter items on behalf of different sellers. Here, your items can be uploaded and people can shop. You also have the option of sharing your personal declutter link to people you know may be interested in the products.

Once you’ve figured out how you’d love to sell them, then you need to figure out the next step.

  1. Organize and Sort Them

The next thing to do is to organize these items. Separate those that are still in good condition and the ones that are not. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyers, and ask if an item will be good to resell before sending it out. Remember that thrift does not mean very bad, torn or damaged, so ensure you are putting your best out.

sorting the clothes

Sort them in different categories based on the above, and also based on types – shoes, bags, clothing and/or jewellery and accessories. Once this is sorted, you can order a declutter kit from Clozetsales.

  1. Order a Declutter Kit

You will need to visit their website, order your declutter kit, pay for the shipping cost and wait for it to arrive. Once you receive this, you can use this to organize your items neatly. The declutter kit is a branded nylon and a form where you can write out the details of the item you are sending out and any other information you wish to share about the item.

Once this has been done, you request for a pick up. If you are outside Lagos, you can send via a logistics company and this would be received by the Clozetsales team for quality control check.

  1. Quality Control Check

All the items sent by you will be reviewed and go through a quality control check by the team. Any items that do not pass can be sent back to you or donated to charity. While items that do pass will be uploaded on the website. You will receive your personalized email as soon as it is uploaded and you can start sharing as well.

how to make money from your wardrobe

  1. Sit Back and Make Money from your Wardrobe

Once the sales start coming in, you will start receiving funds in your account. And did I mention that you get to determine the prices for your items? Life made easy for you while you make money from your wardrobe. You can also encourage your friends and potential buyers to follow our Instagram page so they see new pieces that are available.

Are you a potential buyer, here are a few shops you can purchase from:

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